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We're confident that our prices and quality are the best in the market

Classic clear - size A   $15,900 

Classic clear - size B   $21,900 
Classic clear - size C   $24,900 
Classic Clear - size D  $34,900 
Classic (twin wall polycarbonate) - size D  $27,900

prices incl. GST
Please note that the price quoted does not include delivery and installation. Within Sydney, the average cost for delivery and installation is around $2,500 to $3,500. For a delivery and installation quote outside of Sydney, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with a personalised quote based on your location and specific needs.

We supply STANDARD size or fully CUSTOM made enclosures


Prices for standard retractable pool enclosures are fixed and significantly lower compared to the customized enclosures.

 Custom made enclosure quotes depend on type, size, doors, colour, roofing material, rail extension etc. 

Below are  only a few examples of our best selling STANDARD enclosures. .

For some rough estimates  of CUSTOM made enclosures click HERE

! All Walk Through enclosures are only Custom made! 


Standard size enclosures can cover slightly  bigger or smaller area if  the track system is modified. Please call or email for details.

standard enclosures klasik retractable p
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