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Toongabie / Victoria _ We supply Victoria with our telescopic pool domes! Swim all year round!

This enclosure was recently built in Toongabie in Victoria which is about 2 hours east from Melbourne. We have been looking after Victorian swimming pool market for about 7 years now! Weather in Melbourne is perfect to cover your pool with a retractable pool enclosure. You can transform your pool from outdoor to indoor within seconds! Our enclosures insulate really well and keep all the energy (temperature of water & air) for long. You don't even get mosquito's in when you go for a late swim!

Let's imagine that your pool is always clean and warm (Sept-April), well you would need some heating if you want to swim over the winter as well, but it is possible with the enclosure!

All our enclosures are movable and equiped with 100% UV filters, anodised aluminium tracks, powder coated aluminium frame and stainless or plastic parts which means no rust and very minimal maintenance.

We have range of standard size pool enclosures in stock here in Sydney (Klasik Clear enclosures in 4 different sizes)

We also offer a custom made enclosures - many options here - from very low ones up to massive walk through proper indoor pool structures! These take about 10 months atm. as the demand worldwide is quite high.

All our enclosures are made in Europe in Czech Republic in Albixon factories.

We have Very good well made European product which has really good finish and quality in unbeatable price! There is few Chinese very poorly made enclosures around here but far from what we do!

Swim all year round :)

Call us today for a Free quote.

your KBL Team

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