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Our recent visit of our supplier - Albixon - the biggest pool enclosure manufacturer in Europe!

We trust the products we import, sell and install in Australia! We have been working with Albixon - the biggest European telescopic pool enclosure manufacturer for almost 10 years now. Their products are made out of the best possible materials and they are very reliable. We had no issues whatsoever since we started our cooperation. Albixon has been on the market since for over 25 years now and they've brought their products to perfection. Albixon is very strict about their quality and price and that's why they are the leader on the market. Their factories are based in Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. It's always good to come over to see the production, innovations and all the great people that work in this incredible business! We could finally get there again after 3 years of Covid no travel madness and we were pleased to see how things are going well for Albixon and no surprise and they are hard to beat in quality&price! We are very proud supplier for Australian market. Well done Albixon and thank you for your hard work! KBL Pool Enclosures

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