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KBL team works hard as always:) Riddless Creek, Victoria > Custom Made telescopic pool enclosures

We offer custom made retractable pool covers / enclosures that are made in Czech Republic in Europe. There is the biggest factory in EU for these products which is called Albixon. We have been their proud importer for Australian market for more than 7 years now.

We can supply custom enclosures in various sizes and shapes, with different type of doors, roofing material etc.

We can go up to 850cm of width, 350cm height (of some structures) and unlimited lenght! Yes we can easy cover 25m lap pool (check our FB for photos). We also can design and supply atypical enclosure shapes, enclosures attached to the wall, spa enclosures/covers and more!

These ultimate pool covers are very efficient for water temperature which we believe is the main advantage of having one > they extend the swim season massively! Water obviously stays nice and clean with less chemicals needed. You get protected from sun by UV filters and there's more advantages ...via Benefits on our website

And if it gets too hot underneath in summer, its only matter of seconds to open it up!

You can not ask for more from a pool cover:)

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